The Practitioners listed below are members of the Center for Spiritual Living and are available to support physical, financial, emotional, and other aspects of your well-being with the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Each Sunday, one of these Practitioners offers a Spiritual Mind Treatment during the Celebration. If you would like to have yourself or someone else included in this treatment, please give the person listed in the program your name and request before the Celebration begins. Also, the Practitioners are available after the Sunday Celebration for treatment work. The Sunday experience is offered to you as a gift, however, please know that if you choose to make an appointment with a Practitioner during the week, a charge for their time may be specified.

Be in loving service by revealing the truth of health and wholeness through Spiritual Mind Treatment. We lead and empower by being examples of this truth!

Cris Anderson Nina Anin Deborah Belcher Carol Biro
Davon Embler Sherri Free Maggie Hill Chuck Hunner
Carol Lani Johnson Ron Lapointe Celeste Lauren Dorothy Leahy
Emily Long Nancy Miller Lisa Rowe Charlie Sheppard
Amica Venturi Lynn Villa Shirley Williams Thomas Young

Cris Anderson
(828) 280-8609

I was born in Raleigh NC and grew up moving and traveling the countryside. I landed in Asheville where I have been blessed with the opportunity to become a Practitioner for Center for Spiritual Living Asheville. I had my first taste of Religious Science in Clearwater, Florida where I resided for 10 years. I had a glimpse of Ernest Holmes philosophy but did not learn the true principles until I walked through the doors of this Center. My entire life I have devoured books on what others call "Self Help" and as I look back these were books of loving myself and that I create my own reality. I was raised Catholic with a philosophy that God is this person sitting up on a cloud being judgmental, but Ernest Holmes and The Center confirmed for me what I knew in the core of my soul all along and that is, that I am as God and that the Truth of who I am is Love. I have been a Registered Nurse by trade for over 20 years knowing the Truth as Healing and now I understand that the Truth is in Healing. I have studied Religious Science and metaphysics for the past 6 years, and now with true conviction and gratitude, I am open to serve my community and assist you in your journey. " It is not the end toward which we journey , it is the Journey that matters, so embrace, embellish and enjoy for there is no end".


Nina Anin
(828) 253-7472

I'm a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Edinboro State University in Art Education and mastered in Professional Studies with a concentration in creative arts therapy work from Pratt Institute sites in Brooklyn, New York and Jefferson and Lincoln, New Hampshire. Most recently, I earned my practitioners license from the United Church of Religious Science and studied at the Center for Creative Living in Asheville, North Carolina. I have been able to see auras around living things since early childhood. I gained greater psychic abilities during my teen years. Some of the talents that I have developed during my more than 40 years in the field have been: clairvoyance, clairaudience, medium ship, divination, psychometry, cartomany, dream analysis and astrology. While living in western New York, I worked with power animals and how they influence a person’s life.  After moving to Asheville in 1994, I have received two spirit guides” Justin, who had a funny outlook and Maria, who saw the spirit in each person. I also gained two archangels, Michael and Uriel shortly after having a stroke in 1999. As part of my recovery, I have completed a series of 50 meditative mandala plates, for those who aided in my recovery. My partial series is on permanent display in the Neurological Unit at Mission Hospital.  I am currently painting spiritual aura mandalas with casein paint. I continue to combine psychic gifts to tell people if their life continues in the same direction what lies ahead and visionary to aid people to see greater possibilities.  Most importantly, I know that spirit dwells within each one.


Deborah Belcher
(828) 230-7343

In Gratitude, I know who I am, and that means I know who you are because we are all the One. Here's some of my story: I was raised (a very resistant and untamed!) Southern Baptist, & from a young age longed for something more familiar to my Heart. When I was seven my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. This became my enduring passion and profession of studying, teaching and performing classical (and pop) piano, which I continue today. When I graduated college I discovered Norman Vincent Peale and found that Heart-satisfying something I had longed for, continuing my spiritual studies after that with Edgar Cayce, Yoga, Psychological Counseling, Rebirthing, the Eastern Philosophies, the Alice Bailey channelings, and exploring the Inner Life and metaphysics. I was delighted to find the same Truth everywhere! I became grateful to my upbringing for having introduced me to the piano at a young age and for having instilled within my Heart a value for the spiritual. Over the years, I have expressed my love for variety through studying and teaching macrobiotics, working in real estate investment and property management, and learning Argentine Tango. The common dance in all these has been expanding to be/do/have whatever I choose, even that which once seemed impossible, as well as supporting others who choose to do so. In December 2001 I attended Center for Spiritual Living Asheville for the first time, and after 15 minutes of a Sunday celebration I knew I was home! I was amazed and delighted to find a community celebrating a philosophy which was the Truth I had learned on my own for decades! The next month I became a member and began taking classes. About a year later, I chose to focus for the next couple years on my personal life and professional activities outside the Center. I always felt connected to the Center as my spiritual community, however in Spring 2004 I realized that my life was not as vibrant as it had been while I was active in the Community, so I reconnected and since then have been deepening my study and practice of Science of Mind and my involvement with the Center. I was licensed as a Practitioner in August 2008. I love and am dedicated to my daily, moment-to-moment practice of opening my heart and mind to the Love and Law of this teaching, to this community, & to supporting others who choose to do so! I live a blessed, abundant life! I love this community because we practice unconditional love, and I am deeply blessed to serve in this way! I look forward to connecting with you!


Carol Biro
(828) 681-0969

Growing up on a dairy farm in Northwestern Minnesota, the woods and fields were my playground and sticks, stones, and trees were my toys. I developed an inner sense of wonder and adventure through the exploration of nature. This passion for exploration served me well. After two years of college, I traveled to Colorado with three girlfriends. I became an avid skier, hiker, and adventurer. Throughout my twenties I moved all over the western states and Europe. It was when I attended massage school that the world of metaphysics was introduced to me. It was at this point that I began my exploration of the wonder of the mind and my inner being. From that turning point in my life spiritual studies became my passion. I attended Unity for many years, studied many forms of energy healing, meditation and yoga. I received my B.A. in Psychology and Wellness Education from Antioch University in Seattle when I was 9 months pregnant with my first daughter Kelsey. She is now 18 and my daughter Jenna is 12. My husband Brian and I have been married for 19 years. We have lived in Asheville for 7 years and we found The Center for Creative Living four years ago. I believe that my studies here have taken all that I have learned and experienced in my life and encapsulated them into a complete package of wholeness. My life has expanded and exploded with amazing abundance in so many ways! I am now thrilled to share with others the wonder and richness of the gifts that I have received. I appreciate the opportunity to support you with the magic of love, joy and gratitude!


Davon Embler
(828) 778-8769

I grew up in a small farming community in central Michigan. Growing up I always had a sense that there was something out there and it was just waiting for me to discover it. In my early 20’s I left Michigan for the much warmer climate of Florida. Though my stay in Florida was short lived, I began the journey of discovering who I am. I was introduced to Unity and eventually to the idea that I am in charge of my life. I left Florida in search of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Once I landed in the mountains of western North Carolina I began to see there was something magical about this place. I’ve lived in Asheville since 1993 and truly call this home. I met Barbara and John Waterhouse within a few months. In January 1995 they decided to start the Center for Creative Living. I showed up to that very first service, which took place in their living room and from that point forward my life has changed immensely. This teaching immediately resonated in me. Again, I was being told that I am in charge of my life and that my life is what I make it. This spiritual journey has not been easy. Through the ups and downs of spiritual growth, being grateful for whatever Spirit leads me to, I’ve discovered my greatest treasure, my oneness with all there is. In 1998 I became a Licensed Practitioner with the Center. I receive great joy in knowing the truth for others, for holding them up in the loving light of Spirit. Being a part of someone else’s healing is such a wonderful gift. With much gratitude Spirit has blessed me with my life partner and husband, Rodney, a beautiful home, loving friends and a creative career as a videographer, editor and graphic designer. I love the truth that I am Spirit and as such I can have, be and do it all. And so it is!


Sherri Free
(828) 252-5322

I was born and reared, here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville. It is significant that these mountains are some of the oldest in the world and have created in their midst, a region considered to be a spiritual Mecca for people from all over the world. It was in this high energy my spiritual awareness was nurtured. My earliest days were spent in the Baptist Church. In Sunday school, I learned the stories of the Bible. I also learned “There is no spot where God is not.” That meant, in my young mind, God is everywhere and in everything; yet, we still prayed to a God who looked similar to us (except he was Caucasian with a long white beard) and lived “up” in heaven. Even to my young mind that didn’t make sense, but who was I to question those older and more knowledgeable than I. Fortunately, my mother was a bit of a rebel…she had a hunger to learn more so we began leaving Sunday school to attend the Unity Center. Unity was my introduction to metaphysics. At Unity I learned God is All, All is God and God is all good. If so, this meant our nature, as human beings, is good. I found out we create our experiences by our thoughts and feelings; therefore, positive thinking became a daily practice. These concepts were the foundation of my early spiritual awareness. As a young adult, Spiritual pursuits became less important than personal, educational, and professional ones. The groundwork, however, had been laid and I lived my life with relative ease and success relying on the concept of positive thinking. In my mid-thirties, I began feeling the stirrings of desire for something more…a greater way to experience more meaning in my life. I delved into classes, workshops and personal growth seminars. I read Chopra, Neville, Tolle, Walsh and others. Seminars and books were stimulating and both offered pathways for greater possibilities. Still, something was missing. What I didn’t know was I needed an environment offering tools and structure in which to practice. A dear friend invited me to the Center for Creative Living to participate in the Summer Prosperity Class. I knew I had found something. My spirit quickened each time I came onto the property; my heart and mind resonated with everything said. I took class after class and I “drank from the well”; then I realized the well was within me. I had such incredible spiritual growth as it all began to make sense. I now know, “There is no spot where God is not.” means God is All. I see, God is All is the same as There’s only One Life. If there is only One Life, that must mean… We are all One. Through my understanding, I remembered who I am. I Am…the Life of God expressing; as such, I create the effects of my life. I create what I place my attention upon. I have so much gratitude to my family, John and Barbara, such love for this teaching, and a deep connection with the members of our community; it was only natural for me to share of myself by becoming a Licensed Practitioner. Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative prayer, allows me to create with intention. As a Practitioner, I use words and feelings to express the power of my knowing. I would be delighted to treat for you as you create the conditions of your life.


Maggie Hill
(828) 273-8985

I came to the Center for Creative Living in the fall of 2001 and the first time I heard a Spiritual Mind Treatment I knew that I wanted to be a Licensed Practitioner. I had just returned from CO losing all I had worked for and as I say “ I did not have 2 nickels to rub together.” When I came into the Center I felt the unconditional love and acceptance for who I am inside, not my past, not my future, but what is within me. I attended classes, did my homework, my inner work and kept on attending classes. I began to learn what really exists inside of me and to quote our founder Ernest Holmes, “It matters little what lies behind us or what lies ahead of us, and it matters only what lies within us…” I know what lies within me. The Presence of Spirit lies within and through me. Always present. I am living the life I have always dreamed about; I have gone from thin-air to multi-millionaire using the teachings of Science of Mind. I have purchased a large organic mango farm in Cobano Costa Rica and moved there to start the Center for the Celebration of Life, a teaching and learning center celebrating life every Sunday and teaching Science of Mind on Monday nights as well as holding Prayer Circles each Thursday night where prayers are answered. I am blessed by this teaching and by knowing Spirit within me. I will be returning to the center from time to time and will always know where I learned to practice Spiritual Mind Treatment and to recognize Spirit within. I invite you to sit with me when I am at the center or to visit pristine Costa Rica where there is a beacon of light and a tower of strength on the Nicoya Peninsula. The name of the mango plantation is Todo es Dios…All is God. AND SO IT IS !!!


Chuck Hunner
(828) 216-1422

I’m grateful that I was born into an American military family. I’ve lived in Washington, Virginia, New Mexico, Alabama, Kansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Moving to a new home every 3 or 4 years gave me an ability to adapt and a positive outlook on life that has served me well. My upbringing gives me a wide perspective. Spirituality is a constant theme in my life. Ever since I was a little tyke, I’d always suspected that God was everywhere and in everything. As a child and teenager, I was a player in the Episcopal Church. Mom made sure I got to Sunday School. I made sure that I was active in the classes and services. I became an altar boy, and then an acolyte. I was an officer in our Diocesan Youth Group. Somehow, I understood from the very beginning that I was made of God-Stuff and not being ‘done-to’. I knew that God was in me, flowing through me, living as me. I was constantly distracted by girls, money, and achievement. But I always found my way back to the idea that I am here to express as Spirit, as Good. I joined a Unity Church in 1991 and found a friendly, compatible place. In 1999, I began to make labyrinths. Walking labyrinths allowed me to think calmly. This simple meditative technique proved to me that Spirit is in me and around me everywhere I can perceive! It prepared me to meet the Science of Mind. My wife and I joined the Center for Creative Living (now the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville) in Winter 2003, and knew we’d found our spiritual home. I’ve attended many classes since then, with Practitioner training being the deepest and most valuable to me. The training I received gives me the opportunity to know the Truth for everyone around me. I love sharing my positive perspective. I’m eager to serve this community with all I’ve learned.


Carol Lani Johnson
(828) 891-8628

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, attended the Methodist church and my mother subscribed to Norman Vincent Peale’s “Guideposts” magazine. I also remember my best friend’s grandmother taking me to a Religious Science center, which I loved. After I graduated from Southern Methodist University, my mother died in 1976 and I began reading Kubler-Ross, and Dr. Moody’s Life After Life. Later, the father of my children introduced me to Ram Dass and the 12 Step program. The 80s began a new decade of eating organically, home-births, moving to Asheville, NC area, home-schooling, attending Quaker meetings and Unity, as well as a church based on Matthew Fox’s Creation Spirituality. Over the years, my reading was constant, and, like many of us, I devoured Dyer, Cayce, Zukav, Chopra, Houston, Williamson, Walsch, Braden, Tolle and Esther and Jerry Hicks / Abraham. I understood basic metaphysics and, after a divorce, my best use of that knowledge was to be clear about the partner I wanted in life.…even to the point of specifying a “midwestern fisherman”*! I am happily married to my biggest supporter (*he’s from Iowa and has a fishing boat!) and co-lover of life – truly my soul mate. I love being with my family and nature. Swimming in the beautiful rivers of western NC and savoring pure simple “slow “ food are also delights. Even after all I had learned, my support and studies at CfCL have given me role models and tools that have completely and permanently changed my life. I am so grateful. What I know for sure is God is all there is…everything, everyone, including me, and every area of my life has deepened, expanded, blossomed. Every day I take time in what Ernest Holmes calls “the silence of (my) own thoughts, gathering into (my)self the spiritual energies of the universe”, and Spiritual Mind Treatments are an integral part of my day. I know where miracles come from, and love being there. I am available to use the tools given me, and set the Law in motion, by treating and knowing, with gratitude, that we are all God expressing, and have all we need to express our Beauty, Joy, Life, Light, Love, Peace, Power and Wisdom.


Ron Lapointe
(828) 209-8644

I was blessed to be raised on a farm in Maine by parents who consistently modeled the value of integrity and hard work while allowing me the freedom to cultivate the art of self-discovery that lead to degrees from Santa Monica College, UCLA and the University of Maine, two years in the military (one as an infantryman in Vietnam), a 15 year career as a professional drummer, followed by three decades as a high school teacher, culminating in retirement and move to Asheville in 2011. Each step of this journey was truly guided by Spirit inspiring me to focus on It's true nature from 1997 to 2002 when I became a licensed practitioner through the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. It is now my privilege to be part of the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville, continuing my growth in the consciousness of the Presence through treatment, music, and the ongoing journey of self-discovery.


Celeste Lauren
(828) 231-7638

I am grateful for the opportunity to be in service as a Practitioner of the Center and to express this service in the greater community knowing the truth of who each of us is – a Divine Expression of Spirit. I grew up in the Midwest on a small farm close to nature and have a love for creative expression in many forms. For me, gardening, hiking, dancing and making music all express Spirit in and through my body integrating the joy of Being in the Now moment. I also was raised in a traditional Christian background, with ideas that didn’t always make sense. Questioning what I had learned led me into a study of Metaphysics in my early 20s. I always felt there was something guiding me on to learn more. Through the years, I have studied health and nutrition, yoga and meditation, Transpersonal Psychology, Eastern Religions, Sufism, even an early experience with Science of Mind and a variety of esoteric teachings. Since returning to Religious Science in 2001 and becoming a Practitioner, I have merged all I have experienced. I love Science of Mind. It is simple and to the point. Although not always easy to practice, it calls me to Be More of who I Am. My greatest desire is to touch others to want to Be More. I believe that each choice that is made for Love instead of Fear brings our world closer to the expression of the vision that lies in the heart of humanity – peace and abundance for the world we live in!


Dorothy Leahy
(828) 693-9162

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home. When Sunday came I wanted to be in Sunday school. My first trip away from home, in Florence, MS was to Ridgecrest Assembly where we campers met Ruth and Billy Graham. When I returned home it was Wednesday evening. I took a cab twenty miles to be sure I was on time for Prayer Service. As soon as the sermon was finished I ran down front and said I wanted to re-dedicate my life to Christ. Although becoming a Practitioner was years away (and unheard of for me), this was, no doubt my first step in that direction. It was never a goal, rather it was a journey with which I have been abundantly blessed. In 1959 while working at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis, I met a sailor named Francis Leahy. We were married in 1962. Navy orders always placed us where we needed to be. In 1972 I was introduced to metaphysics through a book on Edgar Cayce. We immediately received orders to Norfolk, VA., where we worked in a group with the Search for God material for five years, one of which I served as study group council chairman. With the largest metaphysics library in the east, I read to my hearts content and attended the conferences with giants in the field. In 1980, I joined Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peal and their congregation, traveling through Greece and then to Oberammergau for the Passion Play. Dr. Peal alone, is a spiritual experience to be savored. Among these studies there was medical assistant school and massage therapy training. While working in Florida I was blessed to attend a conference with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who not only taught us the art of the last stage of life, but about life itself. I also had the privilege of traveling to Israel. In my life's "walk about" we had 5 children and 10 grandchildren. In 1995, Francis and I move to North Carolina where it seems we were ready for Science of Mind. I began with the summer Prosperity class and carried my studies through to the Ministerial class, being licensed as a Practitioner in 1998 and Ordained in 1999. In the Baptist Church I learned reverence for all things sacred. In the Catholic, dignity and holiness for ritual and worship. In Unity I learned ALL things are sacred. Through Science of Mind I know the oneness of creator and creation. I truly know that whatever form religion takes, we are all seeking that place where Spirit dwells.


Emily Long
(828) 713-3350

I spent my childhood growing up on a farm outside a tiny town in Minnesota. Growing up I often had a restless feeling and sense that there was something more waiting for me to discover it. The summer after high school graduation, I set out on my quest to discover the intangible something I couldn’t quite identify. I moved around from Minnesota to Washington state, back to Minnesota, down to Tennessee and finally to Asheville, NC. I have had a lifelong fascination with the human mind and behavior, particularly in the area of grief and loss, which I studied in classes and people and in my counseling profession as I moved around the country. I picked degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies, a graduate degree in Counseling, and various certifications along my travels from state to state. I read and studied countless books and articles and blogs on personal growth, self-help, and psychology. Then in April 2008, I worked with a life coach who first introduced me to the concepts of Science of Mind and later to the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville. I knew immediately I had found that elusive something I had been seeking. A few months later, I made the move to Asheville and became an active member at CSLA. I was home. The classes I took, the people I met, and the ideas and tools that I learned at CSLA completely transformed not just the circumstances of my life, but, more importantly, how I see myself and the world. The journey has been filled with ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns and yet I have learned to be happier, healthier, more connected, financially stable, more creative, more loving, and simply so much more that I ever thought I would be. And I’m not done yet! It is a delight and a privilege to stand as a Licensed Practitioner and offer my consciousness and clarity of Truth to you as others have done for me.


Lisa Rowe
(828) 645-9155

The expression “mind over matter” fascinated me from an early age. I seemed to know that mind and matter simply were different aspects of the same One. Experiments related to “mind over matter” led to multiple scrapes and bruises and a retraction from the outer (physical) into the inner (mental) realm of discovery. I found comfort in the wordless practices of math, music and art. I discovered the power of positive thinking and the setting of intentions. Spirituality meant the magic and miracles beyond logic. I found it in nature, in art and music, and in the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. Secretly, I aspired to be a leader like Moses or David and a teacher and healer like Jesus. My meandering path of Self-discovery was governed by an obstinate “I’d rather do it myself” and “do it my way” attitude. So I shapeshifted my way through many experiences: environmental chemist, market researcher and strategic planner; traveler and adventurer to 49 of the 50 states and to 5 of the 7 continents; ski instructor and ski school manager; wife and widow; student and practitioner of shamanism; and more. Ultimately, in 2008, my wanderings led me to the Center for Spiritual Living—Asheville. The teachers and lessons along the way had prepared me—after some initial resistance—to whole-heartedly embrace the Science of Mind and enter into sacred service as your practitioner. Gratefully, this teaching is “a philosophy, a faith and a way of life” that brought me full circle to the re-realization of Oneness and the Power of Love as It uniquely expresses through each one of us. Namaste.


Charlie Sheppard
(828) 669-1525

I was born into a loving and hard working farm family in Southern Oklahoma. I was lucky to be raised by Southern Baptist parents. The lucky party was that my parents were not real serious about religion. I will always remember that my Sunday School teacher told us little kids that all the people in China would go to HELL because they did not worship Jesus. I can remember thinking that that could not be true. The God I knew was loving and kind. I still believe that. I was the first of my entire family to graduate from college. B.S. in Sociology (1961), Masters in Business Administration (1963) - Oklahoma State University. I worked for big corporations for twenty years, then learned the joys of working for myself. I was a Dale Carnegie Course area manager for twenty years, in Southern Kansas then Southern Colorado. I loved teaching Public Speaking and Leadership. When my wife Marina Raye and I moved to Black Mountain in 2004 we stumbled across the Center for Spiritual Living. We had gone to various Unity Churches (a great bridge from fundamental Christianity) off and on for several years. Once I discovered the Center I was hooked. I started taking any classes that were available from John or Barbara. I became a Religious Science Practitioner in August of 2009. I still actively study Holmes, Emerson, Hopkins, Troward, Larson, Cady, Eddy, etc. I love the history of the New Thought Movement. I think that Holmes is a Saint! I started teaching my classes in Public Speaking and Leadership at the Center over three years ago. I have taught this eight week class to seven groups of class members so far. I love it. I also love doing Spiritual Mind Treatments. I know that there is nothing to heal, only TRUTH to be revealed. My style reflects my no nonsense farm background. My Treatments are short and sweet and I have been happy with the results. If I can be of service it would be my pleasure to treat for you.


Amica Venturi
(828) 350-7529

I was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of 16, my beloved mother transitioned. For the 6 months prior to that, I had the honor of being part of our family health care team so her transition could happen at home which she requested. Such early service shaped my empathy and understanding and set the stage for a career of service. At the age of 20, I moved to Canada and studied Early Childhood Education. There, I founded my first school for young children and have taught preschool ever since. I came to the Center for Spiritual Living in October of 2005 at the invitation of my sister Lisa. What a great idea!!! The first time I attended a celebration, I felt different. It was an amazing experience to be seen and accepted for who I am, by the ministers and the practitioners who welcomed me home as if I was a treasured part of the family. I now use the teachings of Ernest Holmes in my daily life, my work with members of The Center for Spiritual Living and in my work with children and their families. The concepts I have learned through my studies of the Science of Mind make every aspect of my life and work easier and more pleasant. It is so liberating to approach each interaction with the knowledge that all is Spirit and all is well. Allow me to know with you that the Universe is for you and all you can conceive is yours now.


Lynn Villa
(828) 404-1041

I have been a member of the Asheville Center for Spiritual Living since the day I came to Asheville sight unseen in May of 2005. I was on my way to Charlotte, NC when Spirit spoke loudly and re-routed me to Asheville. So what I can tell you about myself is that I have a strong consciousness for people moving from anywhere to anywhere. I am a native of Chicago, Illinois and my heritage is from Colombia, South America. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, thus giving me a firm knowledge of the body and the ability to know Perfect Health for you. I am currently a 2nd year student at Holmes Institute continuing my in-depth studies of Science of Mind while working towards my Masters in Consciousness. I have been a gifted clairvoyant my entire life and have the ability to do successful remote viewings. I was raised Orthodox Catholic, but also attended a Baptist Church and AWANAS, thus have a real life appreciation for all paths. I am a successful single mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl named Gabrielle, so again, what I can know for you is that anything is possible for a single parent utilizing the principles of Science of Mind. I currently live and work in the Happiest City in the U.S and work both as a New Thought Realtor and a Spiritual Coach here for the Center for Spiritual Living Asheville. My areas of expertise are Prosperity, Real Estate and creating Sacred Spaces. I am a student of both Edwene Gaines and Terry Cole-Whittaker and I am committed to increasing your Prosperity Consciousness. I am also a classically trained Feng Shui Consultant and Space Clearer. I am available to anyone throughout the world via email, phone consultations and one-on-one Spiritual Coaching sessions in East Asheville as well as at set appointments here at the Center for Spiritual Living Asheville. I offer my services of Spiritual Mind Treatment and affirmative prayer as a gift of service every Sunday. Services outside of Sunday are done on a love offering basis.


Shirley Williams
(828) 329-9182

I am truly blessed because I was born and raised in these gorgeous mountains. They are a big part of who I am. My husband and I own ChemDry of Hendersonville and have 3 sons and five granddaughters. We came to the Center at Asheville for a summer prosperity class in the summer of 2002. Everything I heard resonated with something in my soul. It was like remembering something I had know but had forgotten. I had been raised Southern Baptist with a yearning for something more. I started going to classes and with each class and more knowledge my life improved. I am freer, more joyous and happier than I have ever been. As a practitioner my honor and joy is treat for others to improve the quality of their lives.


Thomas Young
(828) 250-0458

I grew up in Peoria, Illinois. They call the Midwest the Heartland. I resonate deeply to the quality of Love. In 1972 I had a spiritual awakening, where I knew I was so much more than what appeared as my body and mind and the conditions around me. I followed the Self-Realization Fellowship path forged by Paramahansa Yogananda for a number of years. And during that time I taught Sunday school and meditation classes at Unity Church. I also studied Theosophy, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and many others. I joined a spiritual organization called Mark-Age as a staff person in 1983 and served there until 1999. What a blessing each of these light focuses have had in my life. From each one I grew in awareness of who I am as a Being of Light. In 2003 I came to the Center for Creative Living for even deeper realizations of Spirit. I began with attending the Sunday services, but soon realized I wanted a deeper understanding and took the beginning classes then Practitioner classes I and II. I love being a Practitioner at the Center and living the Science of Mind principles. It is an integral part of my soul expression. My life changed dramatically over the years at the Center for Creative Living with greater prosperity, love, joy, wisdom, more friends, radiant health, a loving partner and so much more. I love doing Spiritual Mind Treatment, knowing that God is all there is and I express as God. There is such a freedom and a sacred opportunity of service in knowing the Truth for myself and for others and living in that free state of consciousness.



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