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"When you focus on things that have to do with the spirit and consciousness and how we approach life, it moves beyond psychological," says Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse. "It moves into how we organize our thoughts, how we see the power of our thoughts and ideas that we bring forth through the words that we say, how we see ourselves in living with others and how we perceive life."


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New Thought Library
Free New Thought Books, Free New Thought Texts, Free Public Library of New Thought Metaphysical Spiritual Books
Science of Mind Archives 
The library has approximately 12,000 volumes of new and rare books by metaphysical authors, great theologians, and popular self-help authors.


Andrea, CSL Member and Board of Trustees member, has released her audio book, Happy Marriages – 7 Secrets of Couples Who Found and Kept Long Term Love, in which she interviews Barbara and John Waterhouse. Listen here as Barbara and John talk about their long and successful marriage.

Happy Marriages is about what works in relationships, whether you are single seeking a partner, just starting out in a new relationship, or have been in one for a long time. Andrea believes everyone deserves a loving long term relationship with a partner who cherishes and adores the person they are.
Andrea Bishop, LCSW is a family therapist and executive coach. She works with people in person or by phone. For over 18 years she has been helping executives and business owners achieve results and reach goals. She coaches individuals, couples and families, helping them improve communication, family harmony and overall quality of life.

Visit Andrea's website at  There you can purchase her $5 audio book, and sign up to receive a complimentary copy of Andrea's Top Tips for Relationships.

Centers for Spiritual Living awarded the 2017 Community Award to CSL Asheville.
Congrats to our Rev. Dr. Barbara &  Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse and the countless volunteers and supporters
that indeed makes CSL Asheville the BEST CENTER EVER!


In the Name of Love

This can be an anthem for not only Centers for Spiritual Living, but also for the world."
- Dr. John Waterhouse


Co-written by Gary Lynn Floyd and Jami Lula