Treatments for Wealth & Prosperity

God Is! Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. Infinite, Indivisible, Absolute. One Life, One Love, One Light. All that is, is God.

This One Life is What I Am! It is an immediate Presence, and Experience that flows in, as, through and around me. This Life is RICH!

At the center of my own consciousness, I recognize this Divine Presence inspiring, sustaining, and guiding me. The absolute clarity of my focus chooses from infinite opportunities and possibilities as I desire to express my financial abundance. The thoughts I think come from the Source Energy and can be realized in my reality. I choose that which is for my highest and best. I am a good steward of my money, demonstrating wise use of it. My life is filled with all that it needs, when I need it, for as long as I need it. I give freely of my gifts and talents, being of service to those who ask. I am opulently compensated for my gifts and talent. My good flows to me and through me with the current of wellbeing that comes from my core.

Right here and now, I allow and receive this abundance with grace and appreciation. My gratitude joyfully expresses within every cell.

With complete faith and trust in the Universal Law that always says “YES!” I release these words and know that they reflect Truth. Law always manifests Truth, and I open my heart and arms wide to receive in this now moment.

And so it is!

- Meri Clanton, RScP

There is One Infinite Creative Power, steadfast and sure…the source of all Life. And it is God.

The Spirit of God flows in, through, and as all things, all beings. It is the source of our very existence. Within this Divine Presence is the ever-expanding, ever-creating Love of Spirit.

God's abundance is mine right here and right now. Prosperity flows to and through and all around me, blessing my life with lavishness, joy and clarity. In embracing and releasing the Truth of this Perfection, I celebrate the harvest of healthy, happy relationships, spiritual and monetary affluence, joy and well-being. Recognizing God at the center of all existence my life is one of ease, wealth and Love.

For the bountiful expression of Blessings in my life, I give thanks. My life is rich and full with the promise of God's Splendor and I live in Gratitude. I release this Truth into Universal Law, knowing that as I speak these words, it is so.

And so it is!

- Christy Corna, RScP

I know that I live in a world of millions of leaves, millions of seeds, millions of blades of grass, millions of dollars, millions of bubbles sparkling through champagne, millions of happy thoughts, and I call this world of millions, of magnificent plenty, God.

I am part of this magnificent flow of millions of ideas, millions of manifesting thoughts.

I choose to manifest in my world millions of dollars to enrich my bank account and remind myself that I am a powerful expression of the divine. I expand my bank account playfully, gratefully. I see the infinite possibility in each penny I own, and see it multiplying and creating great good in the universe, like a god seed planted in love and joy. I enjoy my money. I attract money. I am comfortable experiencing great wealth. Wealth becomes me. I know this to be true for me, and I know this to Be true for all. I move in the flow of God as money now.

I release this treatment to the law that forms according to My word, with gratitude for love, beauty, and magnificent millions and all of the prosperous God-beings who cross my path.

And so it is!

- Janice Haynes, RScP


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