Sunday Celebrations of Life - 11:00 am

Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville is a New Thought community dedicated to prosperous living through spiritual awareness of our perfect health, perfect wealth and perfect happiness. We teach and practice the Science of Mind philosophy, originated by Dr. Ernest Holmes as a way of expressing full, rich, and meaningful lives, regardless of outside conditions. Our foundational spiritual practice is Spiritual Mind Treatment, a form of effective affirmative prayer.

Our community is open to all people who seek to express their divine nature in peaceful and joyous ways, without regard to age, race cultural and family circumstances or religious background. Those of gay and lesbian orientation, youth and families, are all honored and play meaningful roles within our community.

Our spiritual leaders are Rev. Dr. Barbara Waterhouse and Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse. We are affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living, a world-wide New Thought spiritual movement founded by Dr. Holmes. Join us for our Celebration of Life each Sunday morning at 11:00. We also have Monday evening classes.

Weekly Spiritual Mind Treatment

The Metaphysics of Prosperity with
Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse

This is an exploration into how we can continue creating conscious, prosperous and productive lives even during stark economic trends and forecasts. We’ll work together to create deeper understandings of our role in the creative process. We’ll also develop personal plans to assure our wellbeing in the future. The class will meet on Monday evenings from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm beginning July 11th and ending August 29th.

Cinco Pasos Hacia la Libertad

Una Introducción al
Tratamiento Mental Espiritual

por John B. Waterhouse, Ph.D.

Mente Creativa y Éxito

por Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

Derechos de autor © 1919
por Ernesto Holmes.

Mente Creativa

por Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

Una serie de lecturas sobre la Ley
Mental y Espiritual presentadas al
Instituto Metafísico, Los Ángeles,
California, Estados Unidos, en el año 1918.