Our Noble Purpose

Be in loving service by revealing the truth of health and wholeness through Spiritual Mind Treatment. We lead and empower by being examples of this truth!


The Practitioners listed below are members of the Center for Spiritual Living and are available to support physical, financial, emotional, and other aspects of your well-being with the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment.


Each Sunday, one of these Practitioners offers a Spiritual Mind Treatment during the Celebration. If you would like to have yourself or someone else included in this treatment, please give the person listed in the program your name and request before the Celebration begins. Also, the Practitioners are available after the Sunday Celebration for treatment work. The Sunday experience is offered to you as a gift, however, please know that if you choose to make an appointment with a Practitioner during the week, a charge for their time may be specified.


Join our Practitioners the 3rd Sunday of each month for our Circle of Prayer. Our Practitioners circle the sanctuary and offer 1-minute miracles to anyone who would like treatment work. Join our Practitioners in this sacred time of revealing health, love, joy, peace, and prosperity.

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    Cris Anderson, RScP

    I was born in Raleigh NC and moved away as a child. After traveling for many years I felt as though I was running away from something. In 2006 I found my way back to NC settling in Asheville where I found my Spiritual home and the teachings of Science of Mind. I no longer feel the need to run. I have been a member of Center for Spiritual Living Asheville since 2007 and a Licensed Practitioner since 2012. As a Practitioner of CSL Asheville I am open to serve my community and assist you in your journey.

    April Conner, RScP

    My religious and spiritual background is wide and varied, including time as a Buddhist Witch for Christ.  I am now a playful, grateful mystic and believe strongly in the power of meditation and gratitude to reveal Truth and Wisdom.  I also believe that we tend to take life too seriously, so I share the importance of playing, daydreaming, and letting go.  It is my great pleasure and passion to assist you in enhancing your daily experience of the Divine.

    Davon Embler, RScP, Practitioner Emeritus

    Growing up I always had a sense that there was something out there and it was just waiting for me to discover it. I moved to Asheville in 1993 and met Barbara and John Waterhouse within a few months. In January 1995 they decided to start the Center for Creative Living. I showed up to that very first service and from that point forward my life has changed immensely. This teaching immediately resonated in me. Through the ups and downs of spiritual growth, being grateful for everything, I’ve discovered my greatest treasure, my oneness with all there is. I receive great joy in knowing the truth for others, for holding them up in the loving light of Spirit. With much gratitude Spirit has blessed me with my life partner and husband, Rodney, a beautiful home, loving friends and a creative career. I love the truth that I am Spirit and as such I can have, be and do it all. And so it is!

    Sherri Free, RScP

    I was born and reared, here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Asheville. These mountains are some of the oldest in the world and have created in their midst, a region considered to be a spiritual Mecca for people, worldwide. It was in this high energy my spiritual awareness was nurtured.  I began my journey at the Center for Spiritual Living during the Summer Prosperity Class. I continued classes as I experienced a rekindling of my Spirit and incredible spiritual growth.  I remembered, I am the Life of God expressing; as such, I create the effects of my life.  I create that upon which I place my attention.  I have such a love for this teaching, John, Barbara and the members of our community, it is only natural I share of myself as a Licensed Practitioner.  As you create new conditions for your life, I would be delighted to treat for you using the power of my knowing, on your behalf.

    Selena Sutton-Hilton, RScP

    The first time I experienced a Spiritual Mind Treatment I was sold, sold on Science of Mind, I knew clearly in those moments that my thoughts and words create who I am and what I have. I heard clearly the words spoken and they were for me. Science of Mind, the teaching, the love, the acceptance I experienced at CSL Asheville were as if I had my divine date with destiny…it has been my honor to be a Licensed Practitioner in this community, to know clearly who I am, and to know the truth for all who seek hope, help and inspiration ! I am experiencing wealth, vibrant health, loving relationships and work that serves the world…happiness and joy ! As a Divine being I Am the Master of my Destiny…and so it is!

    Celeste Lauren, RScP

    I Am grateful to be in service as a Practitioner of the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville and to express this in the greater community knowing the truth that everyone is a Divine Expression of Spirit.  I love how quantum physics supports the basic principles of New Thought Spirituality which has made it more accessible to millions.  Through my years studying multiple Spiritual and healing disciplines, I have come to believe Peace and Compassion are essential for evolving a sustainable and just world that works for all people.  My daily practice, then, continues to be an intention to show up in my interactions in the world in a way that reflects how I wish to be treated.  I know that for each choice made for Love vs fear our world is closer to expressing the vision of peace and abundance for all humanity. 

    Chaplain Judith Loniak, RScP

    “Revealing the Light Within” is the mantra I have followed my whole life. I was born in  New Jersey and lived there until joining the Navy after college.  I got sober the day I was honorably discharged from the Navy in California  in 1988, and have been on a conscious spiritual path ever since. I worked as  a Nurse for almost 30 years specializing in hospice nursing and nursing education. I have  also  been  a professional Nature and Landscape  photographer for the past 30 years as well, exhibiting my work internationally. I found Science of Mind when I moved to Asheville in 2014 and it totally changed my life.  I am currently pursuing my Chaplaincy certification through Centers for Spiritual Living, and I plan to specialize in Hospice and Grief Support. I am blessed to live with my Service Dog, Dixie, and my two cats Sierra and Tabitha.   As a Practitioner and Chaplain, my purpose is to support you as you   “Reveal The Light Within.”

    Bob Michel, RScP

    When I was a very young child growing up in Colorado, I asked my mother “Where is God?” Surprised, she answered, “Everywhere, in all of life, and inside you!” I intuitively knew this to be true, and I confirmed it by observing the leaves, flowers, grass and insects everywhere outdoors, and listening to the “still, small voice within.” I found beautiful evidence of Intelligence permeating all. Later in life, I began attending Mile Hi Church in Lakewood with my uncle while I was studying engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. The Science of Mind helped me complete a challenging education. When my career moved me to Michigan in the ‘80s, I joined the Battle Creek Center, where I began formally studying the Science of Mind, completing all the courses through Practitioner I. I moved around for work, with new opportunities taking me many through states, and I continued self-study in Science of Mind. Eventually I returned to my native Colorado for a job in Project Management. I joined CSL Parker and resumed formal spiritual education, retaking all the coursework and completing Practitioner training to become a licensed Practitioner. Called to Asheville, I’m now happily affiliated with CSL Asheville!

    Nancy Miller, RScP

    As a child, I watched people’s emotions with fascination.  By 9, I knew I wanted to work with people and their emotions. I enjoyed Episcopal Sunday school yet felt there was more.  My geography teacher opened my awareness to world religions.  I explored many spiritual paths during young adulthood noticing certain Truths as the foundation of these varying traditions. This reinforced my Knowing of Oneness.  I graduated from FSU in 1990 with a Master’s Degree in Special Education. In 1997, I discovered SOM magazine. In 2007, I found CSLA. I became a member in 2008. I was installed as a Licensed Practitioner in 2012. With support from this amazing community, in August 2011 I opened Light of Wisdom School and began living my lifelong dream of working with children and adults, supporting their understanding of Spiritual Principles and that emotions are an integral part of our internal guidance system.

    Sylvia O'Neill, RScP Practitioner Emeritus

    My religious training started at age eleven, when my girlfriend invited me to come to the Congregational Church near where I lived in NY. I loved learning that “God is Love” and “do to others as you would have them to unto you.” Many years went by and when I divorced my first husband I moved to Huntsville, AL with my two young children. In 1986 I was invited to join a Religious Science Study Group. I joined the church and helped to grow the Center for Spiritual Living in Huntsville, AL. Science of Mind has taught me to expect the best and stay positive. One year of classes prompted me to start my own health care business. In my second year of Religious Science, while being a greeter, I welcomed Joe O’Neill. We have been married 27 fabulous years.  I will be honored to do Spiritual Mind Treatment with you, knowing your highest and best in every area of your life.

    Gin Oman, RScP

    I not only believe in these teachings with all my heart, but I have used them to successfully overcome and surpass what others said was an impossible obstacle in my life.  I know firsthand that these principles, this Truth, transforms.  If for whatever reason you may feel stuck or desire more Light upon your path, I’d love assist you in discovering the Light that is ALREADY inside you. That way, you may experience the true wonder and joy of life, which you already are!

    Betty Tronnier, RScP

    Growing up in a large Catholic family in Wisconsin, I spent a lot of my childhood being in Nature where I was most aware of the Oneness of All Things. Seeking a life of service, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and two doctorates; one in Naturopathic Medicine and the other in Chiropractic Medicine. I found New Thought in a small Unity Church where I also learned about Science of Mind. Soon after, I met the love of my life, Troy Matthies. Our search for a more spiritual life (and warmer climate) led us to Asheville. We became members of Center for Spiritual Living in 2015 and quickly started taking classes. I became a Licensed Practitioner in August of 2019. To me, being a Practitioner is about acknowledging the love I see in those I serve, always knowing that we are of One Mind, that Mind is God and Love is all there is!

    Johnel Varnum RScP

    I was raised in New Jersey, the youngest of three children. My brothers and I were members of the Drum and Bugles Corp for many years, and I served in the US Navy for 10 years in Communications. For the past 15 years, I have been a professional animal groomer, having the privilege of enhancing the beauty of my four-legged friends. Eighteen years ago, I was introduced to the Science of Mind teaching and it has changed my life forever. We are powerful, creative beings, the architects of our lives, and we have the freedom to change our minds and our beliefs as we create the life we want. I would be honored to support y As a Practitioner, my purpose is to reveal the Light within you on your journey.

    Lynn (Athena) Villa RScP

    I have been a Centers for Spiritual Living Science of Mind Practitioner since 2007. My niche is Money, Magic, and Manifestation with an emphasis on Healing. I have vast personal experience of near death and complete body regeneration. I am an expert in Transdimensional meditation.

    Amica Venturi RScP

    I grew up in California. When I was 16, I was honored to care for my beloved mother as she transitioned. That shaped my empathy and understanding and set the stage for a career of service. At the age of 20, I founded my first school for children and continue to teach preschool. In 2005 my sister invited me to CSL Asheville. What a great idea!!! From that day on I felt different. I was accepted for who I am, and welcomed home as a treasured part of the family. I use the Science of Mind in my daily life, my practitioner work and my work with children. And now my life works. It is so liberating to approach each interaction with the knowledge that all is well. Allow me to know with you that the Universe is for you and all you can conceive is yours now. 

    Kate Rhiannon-Wagner RScP

    I was born and raised in a large Irish Catholic family. I was a devout Catholic until 1989 when I divorced. I began a search for spiritual meaning and psychological understanding of my life. I tried a multitude of spiritual paths. All offered some part of that which I sought, and yet I was hungry for more. In 2007 I stumbled upon my first Science of Mind Center; and so began my dream of becoming a practitioner. Through the next several years I studied at several different Centers and deepened my understanding of myself and the principles of Science of Mind. During the 8 years it took me to complete my training I overcame health and financial challenges, and I met and married my BFF, Tim Wagner. I now stand in my power as a magnificent creative spiritual being ready to serve my community with an open and caring heart. 

    Tim Wagner RScP

    I graduated from the University of Florida, retired from the US Army after 25 years, returned to UF for 10 years, retired again, traveled full time for 2 years and for the past 12 years was a Realtor in North Carolina.  Now I am retired again and life gets better.  Coming from a foundation in the Episcopal Church, I feel Christian principles kept me on track for the good life, however, deep inside I knew that there was something more.  I had to be open and ready to receive, so “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  I became a student of Science of Mind in 2010 at this Center.  Embracing these teachings, I met my wife, Kate Rhiannon Wagner at my first Asilomar conference. We are both Practitioners. Loving who I am and how Law responds, I am excited and blessed to travel this path of service.

    Shirley Williams RScP

    I am a mountain girl born in Hendersonville, NC.  My husband and I own a Chem-Dry franchise and  work in Henderson and Polk Counties.  We have 3  children between us (boys) and my son has 7 children and they are our entertainment.  They make me laugh everyday.  We enjoy hiking, camping and the outdoors.  David my husband is a Florida boy and his passion is surfing. My passion is the Science of Mind.  It has given me emotional freedom,  freedom from fear, and freedom to be exactly who I am.    I love to treat for people and have seen numerous miracles.  It is so exciting to treat for someone and have things work out even better than I could have imagined.  I love life, and feel like I have won the Cosmic Lottery!!! Life is Good.