Meet Rev. Cliff Rubin

Rev. Cliff began his journey into Science of Mind over 25 years ago when he first met Drs. John & Barbara Waterhouse. After becoming a Licensed Practitioner and running the music program at CSL Asheville for 5 years, he went on to Ministerial school. After graduation he started the first Virtual Center for Spiritual Living; a thriving community even today. After 3 years online, he took the position of Senior Minister at Spiritworks Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank, CA. When Covid closed the door of all houses of worship in California, Rev. Cliff knew it was time to come home. He is presently the Minister of Music at CSL Asheville and shares his talks on the 4th Sunday of each month.

3 years as founder and director of a suicide crisis hotline, 2 years living alone in a cabin in the woods and 26 years ago being told by a roomful of doctors he had 5 days to live have given Rev. Cliff a unique perspective on life he brings to his Sunday talks and all who seek his counsel.