Meet Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle, Senior Minister

Rev. Dr. Suzi Schadle is a gifted speaker and facilitator. One of Dr. Suzi’s passions is bringing people together for a common purpose. She has a talent for seeing the connections between people, ideas, and tangible outcomes. Her contagious sense of humor and enthusiasm inspire a positive and empowering environment where people experience and express their highest and best. She says: “I love collaborating with others to use our collective experience, skills, passion, and enthusiasm to move us all from inspiration to actualization.”

In November 1999 Rev. Suzi founded Center for Spiritual Living Eastside near Seattle. In 2001 she opened the Pacific Northwest Campus of Holmes Institute, graduating over 20 Ministers.

Rev. Suzi has served as the Chair of Centers for Spiritual Living CORE Council, as well as chairing four annual Conferences.

In the past several years, Dr. Suzi has provided organizational consulting and has served as Interim Minister at various Centers for Spiritual Living and Unity Churches. She has helped them to discern values and vision to thrive and grow, and to choose the best match to fill Minister vacancies.

Dr. Suzi just completed 5 years as Senior Minister at Unity of Sarasota where she helped increase attendance and income, by creating special events and activities to increase exposure and create multiple revenue streams. She led the community through the shut-down of in-person gatherings during Covid by creating multiple online and livestreaming activities to keep the community connected. She spearheaded the repair and renovation of the entire 5-acre campus.

On a personal note: Suzi was born in Germany, adopted by an American family, and became a U.S. citizen at age six. She loves books, art, music, and her cat: Tuxedo. She plays soprano, alto and bass silver flutes; and has had the pleasure of playing with many of our favorite New Thought musicians.