We were blessed today by Lisa Rowe, RScP sharing her message of Love in Transition. We were embraced by her words and her boundless heart as she took us in and included us in her Love.  She touched us with her humor … “For years I’ve had been dying to speak at the Center and it took dying to get me here.”

Lisa reminded us that we are never alone. We are always at choice. Lisa knew that Love would show the way. She realized that she was free to go home.

Lisa talked about her lessons learned, including:

  • I am not my body.

  • I am not what I do.

Lisa realized that she could hang out in this place known as “All is Well.” She said, “I’ve been doing my work, and my work is faith.”

Quoting Ernest Holmes: The way to get rid of fear is through faith, a faith founded in the realization that Love is all there is.

And she left us with this wisdom: Today is the only day in which we can truly Live. (10/13/2019)

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