Service Circles at the Center for Spiritual Living Asheville

Service Circles are a wonderful way in which we share in fellowship and provide points of the Service for our communtity. If you are interested in joining one of our Circles please contact us at or call (828)253-2325.

We document all important functions at the CSL Asheville via photography and provide inspirational, meaningful and /or factual photographs of Center life.  In joy and love we deepen our relationships with one another, learn about ourselves, photography and Life, and serve the mission of the Center.

Our mission is to assist any other service circle needing assistance during a Sunday morning service


We are the stewards of Prosperity who hold Abundance Consciousness for the CSL Asheville and its members.  As Prosperity Acceptors on Sunday mornings we have the opportunity to cultivate a consciousness of Abundance, Love, Joy and Gratitude as the baskets are filled to overflowing with generous gifts.

The mission of the Book Nook circle is to supply and operate the Spiritual Living Bookstore; leading it to be a viable resource for knowledge, gifts and materials for self-exploration, as you discover the Truth of who you really are.

A call to centering.  Entering the silence through sound.  Open and balance the chakras.  To open the celebration by creating sacred sound and space to align with Spirit.

The Facilities and Maintenance Circle supports the integrity of CSL Asheville’s overall physical facility.  Working behind the scenes, the members of this circle are integral in ensuring the facility: (1) is maintained in a safe and proper manner while being responsible stewards of the maintenance budget; (2) contributes to the overall experience of this spiritual community’s members and guests; and (3) proudly reflects the circle members’ service to the community, as well as their gifts and talents.

Our purpose is to maintain the exterior grounds of CSL Asheville.  The grounds will be clean, neat, and beautiful, as an express of the inner beauty and vitality of our center for all members, friends, and visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

The purpose of the Happy Day Greeters is to joyously welcome all God Beings arriving at our Center on Sunday mornings with a loving smile and a big hug (if they’d like one).  It is our pleasure to welcome everyone home!

The IT Service Circle’s purpose is to maintain the Center’s website at as well as the Center’s channel on  We strive to continue development of the website that keeps it fresh, easy to use, and informative.  We also assist the Center’s technology needs by providing hardware and software support.  In addition, we assist in other areas such as video and marketing materials.

Awareness Day 2014 1KITCHEN CIRCLE
Our mission is to create opportunities for community interaction by providing nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

The purpose of the OutReach circle is to provide a loving and joyful environment for circle members to bring their local and global outreach projects to the CSL Asheville community through Habitat for Humanity, Manna Food Bank, mentoring programs, Spud Patrol and more!

The Points of Power Circle supports CSL Asheville Sunday Celebrations by operating the PowerPoint presentations.  It’s a simple click of the button that provides ease and enjoyment for all in attendance. Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is helpful, but not needed.  Providing our community with this service allows us to “go green”.

The Prints of Peace is a group of office savvy spiritual beings who assist in the daily functions of our office including cutting, printing, answering the phones and more.   We support CSL Asheville so that we have an abundance of resources offering information about our Center, Ministers, Practitioners and events to our greater Community!

The Sunshine Circle lovingly responds to the members of the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Using the powerful spiritual practice of visioning, it is our intention to come together as a group to open up to the vision of our Center for Spiritual Living – Asheville that is greater than we currently know, taking what we receive into Spiritual Mind Treatment, as we grow, to make tangible and encompass that vision. As a keystone circle, we also assist members of other Service Circles where we implement our visioning tools throughout the Center’s community.