The Cost

The cost to repair the eroding creek bank is estimated at $165,000. CSL Asheville has contributed approximately $8,000 for engineering design and permitting. They are in the process of seeking donations to fund this stream restoration project. 

In addition, CSL Asheville is working with Buncombe County Soil and Water District to apply for matching funds from the state to help cover portions of the engineering and construction costs for repairing the creek bank. Once funding is secured for the project, the stream restoration and repair work is expected to take about a month to complete after contract bids for a fill dirt contractor is secured. In addition, an asphalt company will be contracted to build out and widen the parking lot driveway where the fill dirt is to be excavated. Depending on contractor availability and weather permitting, the project is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2020.


Additional Information

About two years ago, the non-profit organization, Asheville GreenWorks, worked with CSL Asheville’s land along the creek and did a “live stake planting” of vegetation on the eroded sections to help stabilize the lower parts of the bank. With the rapid growth in Asheville, the creek bank has been impacted by more water and sediment flowing through it as a result of increasing drainage from upstream development. In addition, the last few years have seen larger and larger rainstorm events which have easily eroded the thick layer of sand and underlying sediment in the creek bank. That erosion was especially significant last year.